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Step back in time

Activities for members from Tea Tree Gully Probus Club took a ghostly turn, when they took a walk through the one of Australia’s oldest cemeteries, West Terrace Cemetery.

They were met by tour guides, who gave the group a tour of the historic cemetery, explaining that it was the first of its kind to be heritage listed.

The guides also drew the group’s attention to some of the more famous names in the cemetery. Ayers, Finniss, Wyatt, Kingston, Fisher, and Morphett were all familiar to members as street names and suburbs in Adelaide. Meanwhile, many of the group were familiar with Percy Grainger, an Australian born composer and pianist, and the Menz family who invented Crown Mints, YoYo biscuits and FruChocs.

The cemetery holds a wealth of South Australian history with many religions and cultures represented. Members noted the different styles of memorials, varying from simple crosses to huge granite monuments embellished with gold.

The cemetery is also home to the Commonwealth's first War Cemetery, the Australian Imperial Forces Cemetery, with more than 4000 ex-service people's graves.

After an informative tour, the group enjoyed lunch at a nearby hotel where they enjoyed a great meal, accompanied by lively conversation and laughter.