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Rumble in the Redlands

Wellington Point Probus Club had a clash of the blue and red corners as the “Rumble in the Redlands” took place at the local Sporting Club.

Well, clash is probably not the right word. It was a fun-filled and active morning with some humorous and good-natured debate and banter.

After some warm-up exercises and dance moves by the “Ringmaster” for the day, the first debate was under way.

The topic was “Which is better – City or Country” and after six bruising rounds, the split points decision was awarded by guest judges from Toastmasters to the “Country” side.

While the winners were off preparing for the second clash of the day, the crowd was entertained by asking for volunteers to participate in a game of “Pass the Message”.

Several members stepped into the ring for this one and were given the challenge of trying to remember and pass on numerous details and facts from a short story after just one hearing. Very difficult indeed.

Another three volunteers then tried their hand at playing “Take It From Here”, which resulted in some very amusing detours in the storyline.

Then it was back to ringing the bell for a second round of debate. The topic this time was “Which is better – Summer or Winter”.

After some “hot and cold” back-and-forth and, again, after another split points decision, the “Winter” team was announced as the winner and the overall champions for the day.

Congratulations to the organisers, debaters and volunteers for presenting and participating in a fun filled and entertaining morning for their fellow Probus members.