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How to stay safe online

At their first meeting for 2016, the Probus Club of Darwin had a visit from Senior Constable Naomi Beale, a Youth Engagement Officer in NT schools. 

Naomi is with the NT Police, Metropolitan Command. She presented information from Think U Know Australia, a partnership between the Australian Federal Police and Microsoft, aimed at raising awareness among parents, carers and teachers of how young people are using technology and how to help them behave in a safe and responsible way. It was rolled out nationally in 2010.

Naomi enlightened the group with comprehensive information about staying safe online and also helping our grandchildren to stay safe. 
This presentation was particularly aimed at providing information for seniors on staying safe online, with topics covered such as passwords, scams, phishing, spam, viruses, identity theft and how to protect yourself on Facebook.

The presentation was great, the information, some of which was new to many in the club, was easily understood. Naomi readily answered the questions that the presentation raised from members, seeking further information and many members asked if she could return to the club later in the year.  Naomi also gave out information on who to contact to report any cybersafety problems.

It is well worth while checking out the ThinkUKnow website – it has a wealth of useful information.