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A Voyage Through Komodo, Bali, and Singapore

A small band of friends from Palmerston Probus Club embarked on a grand voyage aboard the Pacific Adventure. Their journey began in Darwin and culminated in the vibrant city of Singapore. Along the way, they made a fascinating stop in Komodo National Park, where they came face-to-face with the prehistoric Komodo dragons amidst the park's pristine environment.

They then travelled to Bali, which lived up to its reputation as a paradise. One highlight of their time, was being in Ubud and witnessing a mesmerising cultural display, followed by a delightful afternoon tea shared with the welcoming villagers of Banjar Batuseopih. Another unforgettable experience was the tour to Mount Batur. Departing from Benoa, their bus climbed steadily through the mountainous jungle, revealing breathtaking vistas of traditional rice paddies. They explored a captivating 15th-century temple before enjoying a delicious lunch within the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mount Batur, all while marvelling at the magnificent lake below.

The group spent two days wandering through Singapore's enchanting Chinatown, indulging in a delectable array of cuisines, and reacquainting themselves with the city. They were continually struck by how, despite the limited space at ground level, the towering skyscrapers provided an ample canvas for an impressive display of urban greenery.