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Happy snap

Crocodylus Park in Darwin is one of the best places in the world to come face-to-face with some of Australia’s most dangerous reptiles. Crocodiles are a less-common sight at Probus however, but a Crocodylus Park guide recently brought a young croc to a meeting of the Probus Club of Charles Darwin Inc.

Club member Kevin Chin was game to have a hold of the feisty reptile. Kevin’s job as a land surveyor often took him into the Northern Territory bush and his grandmother helped him overcome his fear of crocs. She told him how his father Chin Mee Lung, who came to Darwin in the 1800s, used to set free crocodiles that were set to be culled. She told him to tell the crocodiles that he was Chin Mee Lung’s grandson and that they would remember the kindness.

In this photo Kevin is reminding the young croc of just that – we hope it is listening!