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A very happy 35th

On Tuesday, February 11, 80 Innisfail Probus Club members attended their 35th birthday luncheon celebrations. Innisfail President Col Ritchie welcomed Probus members from Innisfail and special guests Probus Regional Liaison Officer Faye Peters and Innisfail Rotary Club President Sam Pagano.

Member Richard Rees gave an informative talk on the Club history over the past 35 years including details of the formation on the 28th February 1985 with men only; the ladies were welcomed in 1996 to form a Combined Probus Club. Currently, Innisfail Probus Club has 104 members.

Several highlights of the day included the presentation of two 35th Anniversary Congratulation Certificates and the cutting of the birthday cake. Firstly, Regional Liaison Officer Faye Peters presented President Col with a 35th Anniversary Certificate and Letter from the Probus Association of Queensland followed by Rotary President Sam Pagano’s 35th Anniversary Certificate presentation from Probus South Pacific to President Col and Secretary Marianne Pearce.

The cutting of the birthday cake was performed by four of the longest current-serving members, Lena Dodds (4/1996), Del Pennefather (6/1996) and Frank & Loy Cazzulino (8/1997) – a combined service of 69½ years with Innisfail Probus.