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Celebrating a new Committee announcement

It is that time of year again when Probus Clubs across the country hold their Annual General Meetings. These meetings serve multiple purposes: to elect new members to the Management Committee, fill the various activity leadership roles, and the other important positions that keep the club functioning smoothly.

Thanks to their 150 dedicated members, the Probus Club of Port Stephens successfully achieved this goal at their 2024 AGM. Outgoing President John was delighted to pass the torch to Rob, who assumed the role of President. John was also warmly welcomed as the new Vice President.

Following the AGM, members and guests celebrated at a changeover luncheon. During the luncheon, President Rob presented Jo with a 10-year service pin in recognition of her commitment to the club. He then introduced the newly formed committee, the vital activity leaders, and those serving in various other important positions – all instrumental in carrying this active club forward.