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Ready, set, go!

During April, we again had our annual Sports Challenge and this time, it was between three Darwin clubs - the Probus Club of Darwin, the Probus Club of Palmerston, and the new Probus Club of Charles Darwin. 

We had a fantastic morning with plenty of laughs as all players demonstrated their skills. Tic Tac Toe, Suck it Up and Face Cream proved to be the most popular games whilst Hoop Ball provided much hilarity for spectators as they watched participants manipulating their ball into the hoop without using their hands. The new game this year was Ring the Hoop, which proved popular as did Nearest the Pin. 

Before announcing the scores, one of the organisers Scotty, went through the "drug testing" results to check for any cheating, much to everyone’s amusement. Results showed that the competitors were all clear, however he declared the games supervisors a bit suspect! 

It was a close result in the end, but Probus Club of Darwin took out the trophy this year, although Charles Darwin has declared that they will be out to win in 2016.