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Club News: Fellowship, Lunches, Outings

Welcome to a great group of Men who partake in all these things and develop friendships along the way. The Probus Club of Dunedin North (M) has one important aim…to enjoy all of these within a strong club environment. Whilst our club does do work in the community, and many individuals within the club work in separate ways in the community, the main focus is to ‘go with the F.L.O.’  and simply enjoy association with others who enjoy the same things.

Probus club of Dunedin North members take part in monthly outings around our city area, some of which would be unattainable were it not for Club contact etc., often finishing with a casual coffee or lunch in a nearby café. They also attend lunches, such as our annual mid-winter lunch, or Christmas dinner at popular hotels or restaurants. Wives and Partners are a welcome addition to many of these outings, and many often attend.

Probus Club of Dunedin North meet on the second Monday of the month at the Premises of North East Valley Bowling Club. A typical meeting will start with a cup of tea or coffee, then a presentation from our Guest Speaker, often including audio visual display, after which monthly business is conducted. The meetings are relaxed, and enjoyable. There is no compulsion to attend everything, and the cost of belonging is negligible, at $20 per year.

If you are close to or have recently retired, want more social contact, especially after Covid 19 Lock down Probus might be the answer. Contact Graham…ph. 9294834, or Peter, 4551256…email [email protected]