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Probus Club of Stanthorpe Float

For the purpose of promoting Probus in Southern Queensland the Probus Club of Stanthorpe designed and constructed a float for the biennial Apple and Grape Harvest Festival held in March this year.

The float contained the festival theme 'Food and Wine is Devine' by having baskets of apples and grapes on the tray of the float as well as apples, grapes and grape vines attached to the side  and of course some lucky members sat around a table on the float supposedly drinking wine. We are fortunate in having a talented artist in our club who produced two excellent paintings each beautifully illustrating 'Friendship, Fellowship and Fun' . One of these was on the front of the float the other on the back. A large arch with 'Friendship' painted on it was mounted over the top of the float and a 1.2 metre diameter Probus badge was attached to either side of the float.

It was a wonderful experience for the Club, utilizing the assets and skills of many active members. One member donated the use of his truck for three weeks to build the float then drove it in the Festival Parade. Other members came to working bees bringing hail netting, their hand tools, bolts and screws etc all with their own handyman skills. Some lady members made crepe paper flowers and attached them along with apples, grapes and grape vines to the sides of the float. Probus balloons donated from Probus South Pacific Ltd were attached to the arch. Brochures from PSPL and copies of 'The Queensland Probian' were given to people of retirement age by members looking very smart in their Probus Tee shirts as they walked beside the float during the procession with the aim of gaining prospective members. Thirty three members of our club now have “Probus Stanthorpe Tee Shirts” and will wear them proudly at future events.

We received many accolades and compliments for having such a colorful appealing float. A real pleasure to be involved in this venture and a great opportunity for members to work together thereby getting to know each other better, developing friendships and having fun at the same time. A great credit to our Club.