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Sports With Friends

Keeping active is important at any age, and while most activities seem directed at the individual, there are plenty of opportunities for you to pick up sports to do with friends and keep safe.

Best of all, they are open to any skill level or ability so it's all about having fun.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Create a track and set some goals for you and your friends to cycle by. The goals can be things like time and points to make it competitive. 

Be sure to wear your helmet and protective gear to prevent further injuries. 


Golf is a very popular activity among retirees where many Probians already have their own Golf activities and competitions. 

With the easing of restrictions apparent, there are many opportunities to now play "CovidSAFE Golf" at a nearby licensed premise. 

Walking football

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a slower paced version of soccer, without contact, making it safer and more desirable.

The game is accessible to people of any age and skill level, however it is particularly aimed at beginners or people with lower mobility.

It can be further modified to accommodate a smaller pitch, shortened game time, or smaller teams with five or six a side.


Nothing can stop the good old running or to keep some pace, jogging.

Similiar to cycling there may be a local track or attraction you would like to venture past.

Depending on your State/Region, you could even consider travelling a little further and picking a new attraction altogether.

Be sure to wear a hat and sunscreen. 


Go to your back or front yard, connect to Zoom and get dancing with your friends.

The host can select a song to get them moves going!

You can even consider sharescreening a YouTube tutorial on Zumba, Ballroom and Classical dance.