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Interesting Outings for Members

More than 20 members of the Mixed Probus Club had elected to meet for dinner at a local restaurant each month and on Friday night, 17th June, they met for their first evening outing other than official Club celebrations.

A great time was had by all and this looks to be a permanent feature of Club activities.


The Club is celebrating its 30th birthday with a dinner at the RSL club.

The Chairperson, Margaret Hurley received the 30th birthday award for the club and Keith King was delighted to receive an Appreciation award for long service to the club.


Recently on the 31st May, a brunch of fine Aussie breakfast food was held on the foreshore at the Pines at Sandy White Memorial Park in brilliant sunshine. It is on mornings like this that we know why we live in Hervey Bay.


Trips and Tours planning is well underway and the next trip on the 15th August is to Brisbane for 5 days with tours to the hinterland including Stradbroke Island and the Gold Coast. A further trip is planned for Stanthorpe in October.


Several other exciting adventures are planned and if you are visiting Hervey Bay, attend our monthly meeting at 9am on the 4th Thursday of the month, in the Masonic Hall in Watson St., Pialba. You may be able to join us on one of the trips: in August, chicken in the Park;  in Sept., a trip to the historic town of Childers; in Nov., a boat cruise of the Sandy Straits. All Probus visitors welcome.