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Probus Club of Creswick go for Christmas Lunch

A group of 48 members from the Probus Club of Creswick enjoyed a tasty lunch and some fun games at their Christmas 2023 celebration.

They had joke cards spread out on the table to share a laugh, along with a Christmas Carol Chaos sheet at each table for some fun interaction. During the break between lunch courses, the group indulged in a Left-Right game. Each table had a wrapped gift, and as the story, titled "Someone Sued Santa," was read out, actions like Santa leaving a present or going right up to someone's door prompted the passing of the present around the table in that direction. Hilarity ensued as some participants seemed to mix up their left and right, leading to even more laughter. The climax of the story determined the lucky individual holding the parcel, who then got to keep the present.


In addition to the game, there was a dress-up competition that added another layer of enjoyment. The atmosphere was filled with joy as creative individuals adorned themselves in festive Christmas gear, making the competition a delightful and entertaining part of the celebration.