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Hope for 2021

With a lull in the number of COVID cases in December, Sherwood Probus Club was able to celebrate Christmas with a very enjoyable luncheon party with many members winning Christmas Hampers.

Come January when they were to celebrate the New Year with a Champagne Breakfast, they were all in lockdown again.  How quickly things change, but thankfully they rescheduled for the middle of February and this time were able to go ahead.

It has been a Club tradition for some 18 or more years to celebrate the New Year with a breakfast of sausages, bacon, eggs, fruit, champagne, juice, etc., but as age has taken its toll on the regular workers, the time had come to downgrade a little or call it quits.

Members were all delighted when local Councillor, Nicole Johnston, offered to continue the tradition and hosted a breakfast of champagne, fruit and yoghurt, and individually boxed croissant/hot cross buns, fruit skewers and savoury frittata all sourced from local businesses.

All enjoyed the change and the regular workers were able to relax and enjoy it all and the photos tell the story.  The Club hopes with the arrival of the vaccine the year ahead will be easier than that of 2020.