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Club News: Trafalgar Probus Club of Nelson

President Margie Silich chairs her first meeting of Trafalgar Probus
Club of Nelson. This was a winter picnic on June 10th at Rabbit Island
on a glorious Nelson Day.. The formal meeting was followed by some fun
and games such as egg and spoon relays, and another egg throwing
competition. This resulted in some splattering as the teams had to keep
increasing the distance between them. Winners and losers were rewarded
with choccy treats. Lunch was followed by a walk along the beach next to
the calm and sparkling sea. Everyone agreed that a winter picnic was a
great idea, and a pleasant way for members to re-unite after the lock-down.

NB: this is a composite photo which has been cropped


Robin Johansen

Probus Ambassador

District 9970