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Hot Stuff Baking Group Members Bake Filo Pastry Pie

The Hot Stuff Baking Group enjoyed another successful meeting. While the previous Christmas meeting allowed members to showcase their own creations, this gathering was extra special. Andy and Ken, unable to attend previously, delighted the group with their contributions - Ken with homemade cranberry and dark chocolate biscuits and Andy with savory muffins.

The main focus of the day was a Filo Apple Pie, a simple and delicious alternative to traditional pastry pies. Members simmered apples with butter, caster sugar, and cinnamon for twenty minutes. After lining a baking dish with a single sheet of filo pastry, they poured in the apple mixture. The remaining filo sheets were scrunched on top, brushed generously with melted butter, and baked for twenty minutes. The result was a magnificent dessert! Everyone agreed it was easy to make and perfect for any occasion, especially when served with a dollop of cream or ice cream.