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A Probus song

There’s plenty to celebrate in the new year – the fun and friendships from Probus being one of them. Molly Hailstones from Leumeah Combined Probus Club decided to write a song about it. 


If you’re in the Probus club and you’ve paid your annual sub,

Then you know the monthly meetings are the core, they’re just the hub.

But from there spring all the groups with their bands of faithful groups

And once you have joined you are really ‘in the loop’.


Do you hear the card sharps sing? Into life we put the ZING,

We meet each second Wednesday and we make the rafters ring.

We can take a trick or two, we can learn a game that’s new,

But there’s always a lot of laughter and singing too.


Oh, when Wednesdays come along, we’re all ready for a song,

And such a happy band of card sharps couldn’t get it wrong.

There’s a choice of games to play, p’raps a serious one some day,

But Canasta and 500 keep the Alzheimer’s at bay.


There’s a group that’s plainly seen, cos they all have thumbs of green,

The gardeners go to places where most others have not been.

How they love their flowers and trees, and of course the birds and bees,

But there’s weeding to do upon their ageing knees.


If you’re feeling pretty fit, and you’ve got your hiking kit,

Then the walking group must beckon! Make sure you belong to it.

There are countless spots to see, in the city, by the seal,

And wherever you go the beautiful sights are free.


Now a lot of you will know there is a group that likes a show,

And off into the city pretty regularly they go.

They like musicals and plays, dramas done in different ways.

And the wide variety offered never ceases to amaze.


If you like to travel far and don’t want to take your car,

Talk to our tour leader ‘cos she is the guiding star.

When all the planning’s done these excursions are such fun,

And on the journey home she checks she’s not lost anyone.


If you still can bend zee knees, there’s a group that’s sure to please,

You must come and join the bowlers and see how they ‘shoot the breeze’.

Some balls by miles have missed, while some the jack have kissed,

But everyone knows that it’s all in the flick of the wrist.


 If you like to work with wood, or if you just wish you could,

Then come and be a wood turner, we really think you should.

What they make it matters not, one iota or one jot,

‘Cos all that matters is that they’re a really handy lot.


So to everybody here, we wish you Christmas cheer,

And hope you all will have a simply wonderful New Year,

Full of joy and festive fun. Now the wish from everyone,

Is to see you all back here when tomorrow comes!