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Happy anniversary

On 28 November 2022 the Probus Club of St Leonards celebrated its 25th birthday.

The Club was inaugurated on the 24 November 1997 with over 50 members joining at that meeting. Today, the Club has a membership of 111.

Past foundation members and past members were invited to the birthday celebrations. Of the 13 foundation members invited, nine attended. Nine past Presidents were also in attendance.

Six members, three foundation members and three other members who had been members ranging over an eight to 18 -year period, spoke at the meeting of what Probus meant to them. The general theme was the Probus Club motto: that the Club celebrated Fun, Friendship and Fellowship.

The Club was entertained by the St Leonards Primary School Choir who sang a bracket of songs to the members. The Choir is made up of pupils from Grade 1 to Grade 6.

Following the formal proceedings, the Club celebrated a birthday morning tea with the ultimate “cutting of the cake”.