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Prospect Men's Visits FCT Flames - Thebarton!

Prospect Probus Visits FCT Flames - Thebarton!

The Club visited Visit FCT Flames in Thebarton, Adelaide on 15th October 2019. 

The visit is an example of an activity Probus Clubs can do. As individuals we couldn’t get to see this factory but as a Probus group we could.

They demonstrated many flame devices and showed us how models were made to prove their capability, especially in windy conditions. They have to work on the day and usually there is little lead time and no practices.

Pictured: David Ratallack (Manager FCT Flames, Peter Lane (President Prospect Probus). Don Thomas (Outings Coordinator)

Pictured: Some of the members during the visit, with an Olympic torch and scale model flames.   

FCT manufactured the Olympic Torches and Cauldron for the Sydney Olympics and as a result gained a foothold in many sports events around the world.

They have produced the most watched flames in history. They include the flaming “petals” at the London Olympics, the Cauldron for the Pan Arab Games in Doha Qatar, the Cauldron for the Vancouver Winter Olympic, the relay torches and Cauldron for the Athens Olympics to name a few.