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Jewellery Making Tips with Director Judith Maestracci

For the past five years I have been convening a jewellery and craft group which meets on the second Monday of each month to exchange ideas and expertise in the production of a wide range of jewellery and craft.

Many of the group have been sharing their advanced knowledge with new members and demonstrating skills and techniques that they have acquired over the years, with others who have an interest.

The group has an average monthly attendance of 12–14 and includes members from five Probus clubs located in Brisbane’s western suburbs.

Sadly we have been unable to meet during the past five months due to COVID-19 restrictions, but we are planning to restart this happy, friendly, supportive gathering in September.

This type of activity is an ideal way to involve like-minded club members and to also get to know members from other local clubs.  All it takes is one enthusiastic member with the knowledge and willingness to teach others and to find a venue to accommodate the group.

We began by hosting in our own homes with each member bringing food to share. We have and since moved our two hour meetings to a local council community hall.

From little things, big things can grow. With encouragement from the group, and the support of the Probus Association of Queensland a decision was made to hold an event to showcase the talents of not just our group’s members but male and female members from throughout our state. We invited entries in all fields of art (all mediums) and crafts including quilting, knitting & crochet, paper art, jewellery, felting and embroidery.

As a result, two years ago (August 2018) hundreds of Probus members in Queensland submitted their arts and craft entries for a major exhibition in Brisbane. The show was a huge success and financially and in-kind supported by Brisbane City Council, Queensland State Government and major commercial sponsors including Lincraft which provided prizes and craft demonstrations at the three day show.

In the true spirit of Probus, 36 members from eight clubs across south east Queensland volunteered to assemble, create and manage a memorable event spanning four locations and culminating in a major exhibition.

Winning entries from twelve categories were showcased at the annual Quilt & Craft Show held later in the year.  Our participation in the show was used to introduce Probus to the thousands of visitors to the show at the Convention Centre.  These promotional activities assisted in the successful formation of a number on new clubs in Queensland.

Judith’s suggestion for jewellery making beginners.

Memory Wire Bracelets.

This wire is low cost, easy to use and an ideal introduction to creating your own unique piece of jewellery.

Tools required are wire cutter and round nose pliers. Material: Memory wire and your choice of beads.

  1. Cut wire to required length, generally you may choose a length that will wrap around your wrist at least twice.
  2. Turn one cut end into a small circle – alternatively (but not ideally) you can “Super Glue” several beads at one cut end and then commence threading until you complete.

Note: This wire is available in many variety and discount stores along with a variety of beads, pearls etc.

Enjoy the results and the compliments.