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Archerfield Airport Visit

Intrigued by the past, twelve members from Sherwood Combined Probus Club embarked on a fascinating journey to Archerfield Airport.

With Peter, a seasoned member of Sunnybank Probus, as their guide, they delved into the airport's rich history. Vivid slides brought to life its founding and vital role during World War II, sparking lively discussions, and illuminating the stories etched in every runway and hangar.

The journey didn't end there. Stepping into a hidden gem tucked away within the airport's grounds, they encountered God's Acre Cemetery. Led by Robin, a dedicated volunteer, the group navigated the grounds, learning about the pioneering families laid to rest there since 1855. Each gravestone whispered a tale, weaving a tapestry of the region's early days. This hidden haven, easily overlooked amidst the bustle of modern travel, offered a poignant glimpse into the past.