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Life memberships awarded to husband and late wife

During the September meeting, The Coolum Beach Combined Probus Club bestowed Life Membership upon Raoul and Dene, celebrating their extraordinary dedication and unwavering service.

Raoul graciously accepted the certificate and plaque, representing both himself and his late wife Dene Leach, who passed away in July.

The Leachs commenced their Probus journey in 1999, joining the Probus Club on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Relocating to Coolum Beach in 2001, they became active members of the Coolum Probus Clubs, originally divided into Men's and Women's Probus Clubs. Following their initial Probus AGMs, the duo assumed the roles of 'Tour Directors,' with Dene passionately serving in this capacity for four years and later becoming the Membership Registrar for well over a decade.

Raoul's commitment mirrored Dene's, serving in pivotal roles such as Vice President, President (three terms totalling six years), Treasurer (two years), and Assistant Treasurer (over a decade). Both were integral members of the Management Committee, significantly contributing to the club's development.


With over 22 years of dedicated service, the Probus community expresses its gratitude for Raoul and Dene's remarkable contributions. The Coolum Beach Combined Probus Club proudly honoured the couple, presenting Raoul with a joint plaque and certificate, symbolizing the lasting impact they've made on Probus and its members.

The presentation was followed by an extended morning tea and members were joined by Raoul and Dene’s son, Nicholas, for the morning’s celebrations.