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Celebrating Grandparents Day

Celebrating Grandparents Day

Spotlight on Grandparents

This year on Sunday 27 October, families will celebrate the role grandparents and older people play in our society - both the things they have done, and the invaluable contribution they keep making.

Grandparents Day is a secular holiday celebrated in various countries, with official recognition in some, and occurring on various days of the year. In Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and ACT celebrations for Grandparents Day are held every year on the last Sunday in October.

This special day has been recognised with a range of community events in schools and at sporting events around the country. It is a great opportunity for Australians to recognise the important role grandparents play in helping our communities to thrive.

Silvana Martignago is CEO of Probus South Pacific which represents over 120,000 members across Australia and New Zealand. She said “Many Probians are Grandparents who are by passing on their heritage, skills and experience to third generations, they provide a foundation of identity and connection that helps younger generations build enduring relationships with family and community.”

“Grandparents Day is a chance for us all to reflect on the knowledge, culture, history, practical skills, stories or insights your grandparents have passed on to you.”

“Grandparents are important members of our communities, providing significant emotional support for family members while others provide financial and practical assistance. Many are providing informal childcare and some are the primary carers of their grandchildren.”

“Perhaps the main reason that Grandparents Day remains low key and has escaped commercial exploitation is that time-poor parents simply don't have room on their calendars and in their brains for another special Day. If that is the case, grandparents still shouldn't let the occasion go by unnoticed.”

“One of the purposes of this day of recognition, is to give grandparents a chance to show their love for their grandchildren. For many Probus members, Grandparents Day is a great excuse to contact their grandchildren, to phone them, text them, FaceTime or Skype with them, or even write them an old-fashioned letter to tell them how proud they are to be their grandparent.” Mrs Martignago said.

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