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Mystery Tour

Forty Alstonville Probus Club members embarked on a Mystery Tour in June.

The first stop was the historical rail structure on Canal Road, Ballina. Local historian Ian Kirkland was on hand to give the fascinating history and importance of the site. Many members were unaware of this endeavour to establish rail transport in their local area.

The next port of call was the old Ballina Cemetery opposite Shaw's Bay, where many of the old tombstones have been rescued and placed in a memorial wall. Here members were given an insight into the life and death of these pioneers.

After morning tea at Lennox Head, provided by the wonderful home bakers in their Club, and continued on to Byron Bay where they had an enjoyable lunch before the final part of the mystery was revealed.

Members walked a short distance to North Beach Station to board the World First Solar Train for a short ride to Byron Beach Station.

It was a journey of reminiscence for all blending the 1948 'red rattler' train with flexible roof solar cells, powering its electric drive motors.

One wonders what is in store next month!