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Time for change

The Probus Club of Mount Waverley was formed in 1993, and from its inception has been a Club where the members have been Men. In thinking about the future of the Club, and how to rebuild falling membership numbers, the Club Committee formed the view that it was an appropriate time to reflect the nature of contemporary society and become a Club having both Women and Men as members. In coming to this decision, the Committee was acutely conscious of the rich, rewarding and exciting 28 years in which the Club had been a Men's Club. It was extremely grateful for the contribution made by those many Men who had been creating Fun, Friendship and Fellowship among Club members for all of these years. But it was time for change!

One of the features of the Club's activities since inception is that the wives and partners of Members had been actively involved in the Outings and Social programs of the Club. And the Club had always embraced the widows of former members and encouraged them to continue to have an active involvement in the Outings and Social programs.

The proposal to become a Club having both Women and Men as members was presented to the Club's Annual General Meeting in March 2021. It was the unanimous decision of the meeting that the Committee recommendation be accepted. No Constitution changes were required as the existing document provided for the Club membership to be open to both genders. The next task for the Committee was to welcome all those who wished to join the Club and be a part of its new life. It could be said that the floodgates then opened!

At the Club's May meeting 26 new members, 24 women and 2 men, were inducted as members of the Club. The Mayor of the City of Monash participated in the meeting and presented each of the new members with their membership packs.

The new members, together with the Mayor, are in accompanying photograph. Then, at the June meeting, a further 12 new members were inducted and the membership packs were presented by a Councillor of the City of Monash, who had made a return visit to the Club to be a part of this special occasion. And the influx of new members continues, with more new members to be inducted at the July and later meetings.

Whilst the Club honours the successes of its earlier years, it is looking forward with much joy and enthusiasm to the exciting new life which now lays ahead.