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From Pirates to Pastry: Chef Lisa's Unforgettable Probus Demonstration

Sherwood Probus Club meeting, held under the chairmanship of Vice President and Programme Officer Martin, was enlivened by an "on-the-spot" cooking demonstration by guest speaker Chef Lisa. 

Drawing on her 30 years of experience serving royalty, celebrities, and fascinating people on luxury yachts, private estates, and restaurants in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Fiji, and Australia, Chef Mead created a delicious dessert using filo pastry, cream, golden syrup, blueberries, and strawberries. This culinary treat, just one of her many creations, was enjoyed by all members present.

Chef Mead also entertained the audience with a captivating story of how the captain of a yacht once playfully bluffed "would-be pirates" with the illusion of a heavily armed crew below. To their amusement, the "pirates" settled for a cold beer instead.