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30th Anniversary Luncheon

Probus Club of Yamba was formed by members of the Rotary Club of Yamba in March 1988. The Rotary Club President was Joe Hewitt chaired the meeting and a committee was elected.

It was a privilege for the Club to invite Joe Hewitt and his wife Cindy to their 30th Anniversary Luncheon. Joe spoke briefly about Rotarians Clive Pike and Rob Warrilow who were the main movers for the formation of Probus Club of Yamba. Greetings from the Chairman of Probus Pacific South Ltd was read by Secretary Jan Ainslie.

New Members inducted into the Club were Kevin and Denise Hassey. Howard Breden was presented a Ten Year membership award by Jan Mathews. President Gwen Mapstone thanked former President Bev Mansfield  and committee members for their support to the Club over the last 12 months. Welcoming Jan Ainslie as Secretary to the committee and thanked members who stayed on in their positions.

A delicious lunch was served by Bowling Club Chef, Craig. The Club appreciates the bowling Club providing them with a great venue for their meetings each month. A table was set up with the Clubs Honour board and a photographic collection of events and members over the many years. There have been lots of outing and dinner dates that members enjoy in addition to their meeting days. Members have formed new Friendships and have Fun and Fellowship together 

Members look forward to meeting new people who live in the Yamba area.