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30 years for Takapuna

The Takapuna Combined Probus Club celebrated its 30th anniversary in May at a Luncheon held at Knightsbridge. 

The Club was formed in May 1983, commencing activity in the Horticultural Hall, a building long since demolished, in what is now Hurstmere Green in Takapuna.

A commemorative certificate was presented to the President Maureen Pribble by Roger Goldstone one of two New Zealand Directors of Probus South Pacific Ltd.

Particularly memorable was being able to acknowledge four foundation members of the club, members for 30 years! 

We were fortunate that Evan Andrew, a current member of our sponsor the Takapuna Rotary Club and a member at the time of the founding of this Probus Club, was able to present special certificates of achievement for thirty years to well-known local identities Geoff Daniel, Eddie Earwaker, Cyril Hicks and Norm Winterbottom.

Probus clubs play an important role for the retired and older folk in the community for they bring together people in a spirit of fun, friendship and fellowship. 

Support and caring about its members is a real and tangible quality in the Takapuna Combined Probus Club.

A question posed to one long-standing member was why belong to Probus? “Simply that I wish to do so, would I be attending for thirty years if it was not worthwhile.”

Another commented on life since being retired that “I was once again mixing with people I had met and new friendships were formed.”

The Takapuna Combined Probus Club has been fortunate to attract members from wide-ranging backgrounds by bringing them together and fostering richness in life in the true spirit of Probus. 

Reaching the significant milestone of 30 years for a community club is, by any measure, a time to acknowledge achievements. Too early, it seemed, the luncheon had to conclude but the sense of occasion will linger for some time.