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Probians out and about

Members of the Probus Club of Tea Tree Gully Inc. enjoyed an outing to The Repatriation General Hospital Museum on Wednesday 6 June 2018.

The hospital known as the ‘Repat’ first opened in 1942 and was the Adelaide Military Hospital 105 and was under the control of the Repatriation Commission (now called the Department of Veterans' Affairs). The first patients admitted were housed in tents and temporary huts. It was not until late 1944, that all 492 patients were shifted into the more comfortable, completed buildings (wards).


In the mid1990s, the “Repat’ became a general hospital under South Australian State Government administration which specialised in treatment to the elderly.


In February 2015 South Australian Government announced the closure of the ‘Repat’ as part of its Transforming Health Strategy. In November of 2017, the last patients moved to other facilities and the hospital closed.

The Repatriation General Hospital Museum opened in 1992 on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the ‘Repat’ and was established by David Ennis and his late wife Maxine. The museum was originally based in the hospital post office, a corrugated iron building, as were many of the original buildings on the site. In 2012 the museum moved into the building next door, which was part of the hospital morgue.

Within the museum is a display of heritage medical equipment relating to the hospital’s history as well as items used and made by returned soldiers undergoing occupational therapy.  The collection also includes memorabilia from various theatres of war, such as uniforms, medals, documentation, photographs, souvenirs and trench art. In particular, there are several pieces connected to Prisoners of War, including from the Thailand Burma railway and Changi Prison.


To finish the day it was lunch at the Goodwood Park Hotel or "The Goody" as it's more affectionately known. Our tables overlooked the Beer Garden so that our members could take full advantage of the magnificent weather we were having on a winter’s day in Adelaide. An enjoyable lunch to end another fantastic Probus day of Friendship, Fellowship, Fun, and Food.