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10 free apps that will save you money at the supermarket

The cost of groceries has noticeably risen over the past few years – up as high as 25 per cent in the past year alone according to a recent Finder survey of 1,000 households.

But if you've got a smartphone, you’re in for a treat: there is a way to save big money at the checkout and it’s as simple as downloading a free app. Try one (even better, try two or more) of these apps to get a better deal next time you shop.

1. Frugl

For anyone with access to more than one of the big supermarkets, Frugl offers up-to-the-minute pricing and specials from Coles, Woolworths, ALDI and IGA. All you need to do is input your weekly shopping list and the app will tell you where it’s cheapest to fill your list. 

2. SmartCart

SmartCart claims to save the average shopper $32.42 per week – which is a whopping $1,685.84 per year. You input your shopping list and the app will compare your shop between Woolies and Coles. The app applies any discount codes automatically (e.g. Everyday Rewards or FlyBuys). 

3. Half Price

A quick and easy app that lists every 50 per cent off special at Coles and Woolworths, including Liquorland and BWS. The best way to use Half Price is to build up a list of products you regularly buy, then check the list before you do your weekly shop. If your favourites are  pantry staples are half-price, buy them in bulk and store for later.

4. WiseList

Another app that directly compares prices at Coles and Woolies, WiseList shows you which store has the lowest price on each item on your shopping list. You can then either take your app into each of the stores to buy from your list (tedious), or order from both stores directly in the app and get your orders delivered (too easy).

5. ShopJam

ShopJam was originally created as a barcode scanner to check nutritional values on packaged goods. It’s since evolved into a price comparison app between all of the major supermarkets. As a bonus you can still import your favourite meals from recipe sites like Taste then add the ingredients to your shopping list with a couple of clicks.

6. Shopfully

This was one of the first free grocery apps available in Australia. Shopfully curates all of the catalogues for major stores like Coles, Woolies, IGA, Officeworks, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, BigW, Bob Jane, Bunnings and more. You then check what’s on special nearby and choose where you shop accordingly.

7. GrocerEaze

GrocerEaze promises to make shopping easier as well as cheaper. The app uses AI to anticipate what you need to shop for. If that sounds complex, it isn’t really. You simply upload your shopping list to get started then keep shopping through the app each week and it soon starts making predictions based on your purchasing patterns. You’ll save money by being able to compare prices across supermarkets, but also by buying less of what you don’t really need.

8.  Everyday Rewards

The Everyday Rewards card is Woolworth’s free offering to entice you to keep shopping at their supermarkets. You’ll get exclusive discounts on items you regularly buy, plus you earn points every time you shop. Each time you accrue 2000 points, you’ll receive $10 off a future shop. You can ‘bank’ these bonuses and receive them in one hit (like at Christmas), if that’s your preference.

Bonus: If you’re happy to pay $59 a year for Everyday Rewards Extra, the benefits are big. As well as earning extra points on your everyday shopping, you’ll also get 10 per cent off one shop a month at both Woolies and BigW. If you time your shopping right, that can add up to far more than the $4.92 a month you pay for the card. 

9. FlyBuys

Coles’ FlyBuys doesn’t exactly save you money on your groceries, but you can cash the points you earn in for FlyBuys dollars which equates to money off your shopping. You can redeem 10 FlyBuys dollars for every 2000 points you earn. Accrue enough FlyBuys dollars on your FlyBuys card and you can use your card to pay for an entire grocery shop.

10. ALDI 

No surprise, ALDI doesn’t offer a rewards program or cashback, but it does offer the lowest-priced groceries of all the major supermarkets. ALDI says it’s 17 per cent cheaper, so it’s worth the trip even without a special savings app. Keep an eye out for its Special Buys and Weekly Catalogues to really save some money.