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Special offer for all Probians

5% Discount on the costs of Accommodation and the Daily Care Fee in a Bupa aged care home.

Bupa has been helping people live longer, healthier happier lives for over 70 years and it has evolved over that time to bring together expertise across different areas of health to offer holistic and wide-ranging services.

Now more than ever, Bupa’s focus is on family and providing health and care services at different stages of people’s lives. As part of the Bupa family, Bupa Aged Care looks after over 6,000 people in over 65 care homes nationally for short–term stays and as permanent residents.

Bupa embraces and support residents to live their day their way with teams dedicated to their wellbeing.

People rarely expect to need aged care, but if you or your family does, Bupa is here to provide help when you need it.

As a valued Probian, you could save on the costs of aged care, including if you:

  • are looking for care for a loved one, or
  • need permanent care yourself. 

Your membership qualifies you for a 5% discount on the daily care fee* and accommodation cost in a Bupa care home.

However you choose to use your membership, Bupa is here to help. Call Bupa on 1800 841 485 for more information, or visit to find a Bupa care home near you.

* Offer is subject to your care needs and availability. You must provide evidence of your Probian membership and have a current aged care assessment qualifying you for permanent aged care. Discount does not apply to any means tested care fees applicable.