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30 years of Friendship, Fun and Fellowship: Probus Club of Watsonia

In November 1992, the Probus Club of Bundoora had full membership and an extensive waiting list. The President of the Rotary Club of Bundoora - John Bond - and the committee therefore decided to establish a new Probus Club for the local Community as part of its Rotary year of service. 

On December 8th 1992, an interest meeting was held at the home of (Past President) Gordon and Ada, where it was agreed to establish the new Probus Club and to name it The Probus Club of Watsonia. 

 A further meeting was then held on February 5th 1993, for those interested in joining the new club. 57 membership applications were received, a committee formed, and John was elected as the inaugural president. 

The Club’s first official meeting was held on Friday 5th March 1993 at the Community Hall in Lambourne Road, Watsonia, with 57 new members present. John was then officially invested as President. 

In 2014, the Club’s meeting venue was changed to the Watsonia R.S.L. The club still has a very strong bond with the R.S.L. and currently have a supportive and strong membership of 115 members, including 9 inaugural members and 3 life members. 

The current Life Members are Rex, Ian and Keven. Other Life Members now deceased were (inaugural President) John and Bill. 

Our current President Sue has been, like all our former leaders, inspirational and supportive, hence the strong continued growth and success of our Club.


John: Inaugural President and Life Member

The Management Committee 2022-3


Sue: President 2022-3, with Bob Oldfield IIP