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A bus trip to the Eumundi Markets

The Sunshine Coast lived up to its name in mid-May when the Sunshine Coast Ladies’ Probus Club invited the Mooloolaba Ladies’ Probus Club on a bus trip to the Eumundi Markets.

Both Clubs are small in numbers and find it virtually impossible to interest sufficient members in outings where tour operators require a minimum number of participants, so the answer was to join the two clubs for a day to make an excursion by bus a possibility.  The outcome was a very pleasant bus trip to the hinterland for a magical day in the autumn sunshine which proved to be almost Summer in temperature.

The trip started early at 8.15am from the Headland Bowls Club, Buderim where both Club’s meet on different days in the month.  The Mystic Mountain Tours Coach travelled north along the Bruce Highway to Eumundi arriving early for four hours of browsing, tasting and buying around the extensive market complex.  On arrival the stalls were ready for a day of selling, but very few people were about, however within 30 minutes or so the laneways between the tents were a moving mass of people. 

Pictured: Entrance to Eumundi Pavillion Markets 

The history of the Eumundi Markets was a brainwave of some very farsighted residents living in the town and surrounds some years ago, when the town like so many in country areas was slowly failing and would have faced extinction had it not had an injection of interest and money into their economy.  The area is a rich primary producing area supporting dairying, fruit and vegetable growing, flowers, nursery plants and shrubs, etc.  Also, there are many, many talented artisans in all facets of art, such as canvas art, photography, jewellery, clothing, also, those practising alternative medicine – name and it can be found at Eumundi Markets.  The rest is history from the outset the idea was acclaimed by the locals; News spread fast, people came from near and far in bus loads – it is now world renowned advertised in Singapore and many other overseas countries.

Pictured: A laneway view of a portion of the stall holders at Eumundi Markets

Pictured: A Flower Stall at Eumundi Markets

Four hours of walking around the markets is tiring, so some of the ladies had a cappuccino along the way – some sat in the cafes while a few had takeaway and continued their wanderings and browsing.  The smell of the countless different foods cooking made the hunger pangs apparent – the choice of foods from Australia, Europe, Japan, Thailand, beautiful Dutch pancakes (the waist line was in danger), fresh fruit from local producers – there were so many types of food that it was mind boggling.

Pictured: A display at a Pet Supplies Stall

One o’clock came around and we moved off for a wander through the Fairmount Native Plants Nursery a few kilometres away in Yandina, then onto the Ginger Factory for an ice cream and finally home after a very pleasing and satisfying excursion.

Pictured: An example of the high standard of craftsmanship of a local artisan.

Pictured: Preparing to start on journey home.

Pictured: Some of the ladies from both Clubs waiting for the Coach after their day at the Markets.

Pictured: Two tired ladies after browsing around the Eumundi Markets.