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Probus Club members on Linton Military Camp Trip

In June 42 members departed by bus to Linton Military Camp. On arrival at the Camp members were welcomed by Captain Bill O'Brien the Coordinator: Events, Ceremonial and Visits, HQ 1st (NZ) Brigade. 

Linton MC is the largest NZ Army base and is home to the Headquarters 1st Brigade. The camp was built in 1941 and has been fully operational since. After morning tea we were given a Brigade Brief, an interesting introduction to all things Army. Members were divided into 2 groups, In turn each group toured the Engineer Corps Memorial Centre. As well as learning all about the huge role Engineers carry out we were introduced to their commemorative Port and a few bottles were purchased!  The museum was excellent and run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers.

Then to the RNZ Engineers Corps Memorial Chapel, St Martin's. This church was built in 1899 and had been a central place in the life of the farming community at Makotuku near Norsewood. It was gifted to the RNZE Corps Memorial Association and moved in parts and was unveiled on the Army site on 20 July 1974. It is a beautiful church and being inter-denominational is popular for weddings and christenings etc.

Then there was lunch.....into the Mess to eat Army "rations" - what a surprise, the meal was superb. Commander Colonel Brett Wellington welcomed and joined members.

Feeling replete it was onto a bus and Captain Bill took everyone for a "Windshield" tour of the Camp. This visit was enjoyed by all and some had been at this camp for their CMT and said it was very different to what they had experienced.  The Army personnel were outstanding and it was obvious that they all undertook their roles with pride and enthusiasm - being a soldier is much more than a job.

On the way home there was a final stop at Murrayfield Cafe and Museum - a unique and pretty venue with a miniature village and museum artefacts. Members enjoyed a very informative and enjoyable day.