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Perfect weather for a Murray River Cruise

This year the end of June was cool but dry and sunny, perfect weather for 32 members of The Probus Club of Port Victor Combined to charter the “Proud Mary” for a Murray River cruise from Murray Bridge to Blanchetown and back, mooring some nights at towns but others by the bank, such as Portee Station.

Travel writers have voted this the best river cruise. The crew were expert and friendly, the food was top-restaurant quality and the hosting covered local and indigenous history. At night the floodlights showed wildlife on the banks and the boat’s bus took us on shore excursions for fauna-finding, including one of only two reserves for the hairy-nosed wombat.

Another day members visited an aquaculture business and met the famous big blue Murray yabbies. Members passed red huge gum and other native forests, hearing stories of the past and the ecology of the river, seeing the sun on the spectacular red cliffs of Big Bend, and enjoying night entertainment. There’s even a small boat excursion that finds secluded lagoons, an amazing array of birdlife and that gives really close-ups of the cliffs.

The river was in a good mood and all had a happy time; it was a truly great way to have fun, cement old friendships and form new ones.