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Probus Member Profile: Anwar Latif

After growing up poor in Pakistan, Anwar Latif moved to Australia and wound up helping others less fortunate than him.

Anwar Latif was born in 1947 in Lahore, Pakistan, the oldest child in his family. He did his schooling in Lahore, a beautiful, safe city to be brought up in. After his high school education, Anwar decided to go abroad for further studies. He chose Australia, which at that time was a rather unusual choice, as many students preferred to go to either the UK, Canada or USA. His decision surprised everyone, but he had made his mind up and his family supported him. He was the first of his siblings to make such a bold decision.

During school, Anwar read a lot about Australia and learned it was a very vast and multicultural country. This interested him greatly. He enrolled in a mathematics degree at the University of New England in Armidale, NSW. He enjoyed university life and made many friends.

After Cyclone Tracy, he moved with his wife, Maisy, to Darwin to teach. The pair enjoyed their work, travelled extensively to countries all over the world, made many friends and raised two kids. Both of their children are married – their daughter has a girl and their son has two boys.

Anwar retired from this teaching career in 2011 and keeps busy helping out charities and organisations including the Cancer Council NT, Salvation Army and the RSPCA. Anwar also volunteers at the Darwin Mosque and with the Islamic Society of Darwin.

Life was sailing smoothly and good things were happening, but unfortunately, Maisy passed away in 2014 after a short illness.

Maisy was well-known by many people in Darwin due to her smiling, friendly face, and she has been missed by many. She was also very generous and always ready to help others. Maisy left a big gap in Anwar’s life, but with the support of some good friends and also by joining the Darwin Probus Club, Anwar is trying to normalise his life again.

“I enjoy the Probus meetings as I meet well-organised, nice, professional people, and I enjoy talking to them,” he says. “For anyone in retirement looking for a social life, I recommend joining Probus.”

Anwar likes to travel either interstate or overseas every three to six months. When he’s in Darwin, he loves spending time with his grandsons, and when he goes to Sydney he visits his granddaughter. But since his parents died, he doesn’t go back to Pakistan as often as he used to.

“I am glad to be a member of the Probus Club,” he says. “I look forward to attending the monthly meetings and functions whenever I am in town and to developing more friendships within the Club.”

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