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Green thumbs unite

There’s a great joint gardening club between the Darwin, Charles Darwin and Palmerston Probus clubs in the Top End. 

Every month, the group meet to discuss gardening information and share information and plants. They also often visit gardens of members or local nurseries to see how it should be done.

Marilyn Roberts from the Palmerston Probus Club has been a member since the inauguration of the gardening club, despite having a reputation for being able to kill the most resilient of plants. 

“I feel I have progressed in my horticultural ability and recently, when a branch fell from my Christmas tree, I decided to turn it into a cutting. The best time to propogate is early January and the baubles will grow in late November and early December,” she says.

By December 2016, hopefully Marilyn will have a lovely five foot specimen to celebrate next Christmas.