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Donvale Hill Probus Club visit to The Singing Garden

A group of 20 Donvale Hill Probus Club members and friends from the Probus Club of Donvale Hill Incorporated went on a delightful journey back in time to “Arden’ the Singing Gardens of the poet C. J Dennis on 25 October 2017.


The actual home itself had a chequered history and finally burnt to the ground in 1965.  The current owners, Jan and Vic Williams bought the overgrown property in 1969 and worked their magic in restoring and planting the gardens. 

The visit was at the very best time of the year to see the wonderful rhododendrons and azaleas in full bloom and also the majestic trees towering above the group. One special tree was planted in the 1930s when C J Dennis was alive and was a subject of one of his very moving poems “The Tree”.  The host, Jan, stood under this (now huge) tree and recited this poem which was very moving.

Upon arrival all were provided with a refreshing cup of tea served in a teapot with a hand crocheted cosy and later all were given a delightful home- made lunch of minestrone soup, sandwiches and a fresh warm scone straight from the oven.

The Group was impressed with how Jan could remember CJ Dennis’s poems and was able to recite several of them to everyone. Jan knew the names of all the different rhododendrons as well as the exotic trees in this wonderful garden.

A lovely day and a lovely journey up to the Toolangi property!