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Club Calendar

Committee Meeting-first Tuesday in the month

Outings-fourth Tuesday in the month

Club General Meeting-third Tuesday in the month

Ramblers-second Tuesday in the month


Dine Outs-fifth Tuesday in the month

Craft group-first Wednesday in the month

Garden Club-second Wednesday in the month, Banksia Nursery Wantirna 10:30

Garden Club Christmas Celebration

Garden Club ladies entered into the festive spirit by wearing their Christmas hats to the final meeting.

Solo (cards)-fourth Thursday in the month

Birthday Belles Coffee Group-third Friday in the month at Shingle Inn, Forest Hill Chase 10:30

The Coffee Club-first Friday in the month, Shingle Inn. Forest Hill Chase 10:30

Craft Group                             



Ramblers Christmas Barbeque at Ruffey Lake Park 2019  

The weather was chilly but the rain held off for our final walk of the year, which was followed by a barbecue at Ruffey Lake Park.  While a small group of walkers set off, other members arrived and fired up the barbecue ready for their return.  Over 20 members and some visitors from Whitehorse Club shared a very enjoyable picnic and made it home just before the wind and rain appeared.  Good timing all round!