How do I join?

How do I find a club?
Finding a club in your area is easy. Simply visit the Find a club section of this website and search for a Probus club that is suitable for you. Remember to look for single gender and combined clubs. You can register your interest online and Probus will provide the contact details of your local club. You will also be sent a complimentary copy of the Probus magazine.

You can also contact Probus to find out the secretary's details. Once you make contact with the club secretary, they will let you know whether they are currently accepting members. You can then go along to a meeting to see Probus in action.  

If the club is not taking new members, try another Probus club in the area.   

If you have no luck finding a Probus club that is looking for members then email or telephone Probus to have your contact details included in the Probus Central Register for persons seeking Probus membership.
You will be contacted when there is a new club in your locality.
Within Australia 1800 630 488 (toll free) or +61 (2) 9689 0200
Within New Zealand 0800 1477 6287 (toll free)
The Philippines +63 9157 036 553

Alternatively, ask a friend to take you to a meeting as a guest, visit the Probus Booth at community and lifestyle expos, and keep a look out for advertisements in local shop windows for new clubs forming in your neighbourhood.

How do I join?
Once you’ve found the club you wish to join, you can fill out the online form or contact Probus. If the club you wish to join is full, you may go on a waiting list until there is an opening, or think about joining a nearby club. 

Can I show up to any club meeting?
No. Meetings are only open to invited visitors, so it is best to contact the club in advance.

How often do clubs meet?
Clubs meet once a month. This day and time differs between clubs so remember to ask the specific club what day and time they meet.
As well as this, if you’re part of the club’s Interest Group or any other specific group, you can take part in meetings, dinners and activities as they pop up. 

Is there an attendance requirement?
Usually it is a requirement of membership to attend 50 per cent of annual club meetings a year to retain membership. This may vary from club to club. However, membership is also about participation and involvement at club meetings and activities. At some stage of membership you may be called upon to take an active role on the Management Committee of the club. 

What is the cost?
There is usually a joining fee and also an annual fee. These fees vary from club to club and are usually minimal and cover administration and insurance costs.  

What activities are arranged by Probus Clubs?
These vary from club to club however generally, they may include:

  • Monthly club meeting at a convenient venue. 
  • Interest groups such as golf, tennis, theatre, book groups, technology groups and craft amongst others.
  • Day and extended trips, both domestic and international.
  • Annual Probus Rendezvous.
  • District Probus conferences. 

How do I benefit from joining?
There are many social benefits to being a Probus member. Not only do you meet new friends, but you also stay active, physically and mentally. You’ll get great discounts on travel insurance and interstate or overseas travel. You’ll also have access to a bi-monthly magazine, with finance, health, lifestyle and travel information. The Member Benefits Scheme offers Probus members great discounts from a range of Probus MBS Partners.  

Is there an annual conference for Probus?
Yes. There is an annual event in the Probus calendar. The Probus Rendezvous is held in different locations each year within Australia and New Zealand. Rendezvous is a social event designed for fun and fellowship in a holiday environment.  

Do I have to be a Rotarian to join a Probus club?
Not at all. However, there are many Rotarians who have joined the ranks of Probus. Membership is open to active retirees who enjoy the company of like-minded individuals with the basic purpose to keep minds active, avenues of activities to keep fit and active, and to enjoy fun, fellowship and friendship. 

Do I have to be a professional or business person to join a Probus club?
No. Probus is open to all members of the community.

What is the entry age to join a Probus club?
The minimum age to join Probus is generally 55. Membership is open to individuals who are semi-retired, retired or no longer working fulltime.

How many times can I attend a Probus meeting as a visitor?
Each club sets its own limit. Normally, it would be up to three meetings.   

Is Probus just for married couples?
Not at all. Probus offers men's clubs, ladies clubs and mixed clubs. Each person applies individually. 

I am a widow. Can I join a mixed gender Probus club?
There is no restriction to joining a mixed gender Probus club if you are a widow, although some clubs have reached their limits and some may have a waiting list. 
Contact Probus if you are having difficulties joining a Probus club in your area. 

How long will I have to wait to become a Probus member if I am placed on a waiting list?
This may differ for each club. It is recommended that you put your name down on several clubs' waiting lists or you can register with Probus to put your name on the Central Register to be notified when a new Probus club is being formed.  


Visit the Find a club section for contact details of your local club.



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