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President-                          Tony Causley 0407610067

                                            [email protected]

Senior Vice President-       Georgina Lemair  

Junior Vice President-       John Kingman

Secretary,  Public Officer - Virginia Rule

Treasurer-                           Michael Dickson

Committee Members

Noeline Fisher(Bulletin editor )

Angela Cole (Membership ) 

Ex officio member Philip Armbruster (Immediate Past President)

Trips and Tours  joint Coordinators-  Tony Causley, Georgina Lemair, 

Group Leaders

Tennis                  Paul and Carmel Holloway

Walks                   Robyn Hill

Golf                       Michael Dickson 

Movies                  Doreen Johnson

Theatre Parties    Muriel O'Donnell

Club Welfare       Sue Madigan

Bowls                   Ian Hunter

Picnics                  Garry and Georgina Lemair

Librarian               Bob  Burrowes

Club Historian       Max Patterson

Welcome committee    Val Causley,Lorraine McDarmont, Kaye Clayton,                                      Susan Laura   

Hospitality             Paul & Carmel Holloway  

Racing & Trivia      John & Doreen Johnson

Observation Drive Jim Butt & Gary O'Donnell

Trips and Tours     Georgina Lemair, John Kingman

Audio Visual          Tim King, Ian Hunter

 Web Masters         Philip & Charmaine Armbruster

Club setup              Ian Hunter, Bob Burrows, Ken Fisher

Probus Pedallers    Ken Fisher, Ian watts