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Activities Have been largely suspended until Covid-19 is beaten

One day Outings

We may travel by train, boat or private bus depending on the occasion.  We have enjoyed cruises on Port Hacking, Georges River and Australia Day cruises on Sydney Harbour (photo above);  trained to Kembla Grange Races and used a private bus to the NanTein Temple south of Wollongong.  We have had mystery tours by both public transport and private bus.  A couple of ooutdoor picnics a year are nomally fitted into the activities schedule and we have had picnics at Woronora Dam, Carrs Park and Stanwell Park Beach.



Longer trips

We normally undertake one longer trip each year.  Our excursions have been many and varied and may be within Australia or overseas.  The photo above was taken during a 2 week trip to NZ and the photo was taken on Mount Cook.  This year we are off to Sri Lanka.


Dining Out  



Theatre / Entertainment

We make group bookings for all the best shows in town.  Early group bookings ensure the best seats at the best prices, often a saving of $20 - $40 compared to Saturday prices.  The Wednesday matinee is our normal choice of day and time for the big shows in town. Times and dates for local shows depend on the shows themselvves and could even be Sunday afternoon (Cronulla Arts Theatre).

The School Spectacular and The Seniors Concert have been regular events for our members for many years. Some of our more popular recent shows have included "Sound of Music", "My Fair Lady",  "Mama Mia" and "Fiddler on The Roof".

In addition to the above 'BIG' shows we also support local theatres including The Cronulla Arts Theatre, Sutherland Entainment Centre and The Guild Theatre Rockdale.




We commonly have one walk per month and our walks have been many and varied.  However our walks are generally crafted to fit the abilities of our walkers and  hopefully they don't have too many steps or much rough ground.  Toilets along the way are a priority and a good venue for lunch is a definite plus. Recent walks include the Wollongong Botanical Gardens (train to Wollongong) a walk around Barangaroo and the coastal walk from Watsons Bay to South Head. 


Cards & Board Games






We have a number of keen golfers in the club and they get together once a month for  a game on a local golf course.  The game planned for May 2018 was to be on the Calderwood Course and the game planned for June 2018 was at the Hurstvile Course.



Book Exchange

If you are a keen reader of popular fiction and are finding it difficult to keep up your supply of books at a reasonable price our book exchange is probably the answer.  All books are donated free of charge by club members and you can exchange
your books for their books free of charge at the monthly meetings.

Lawn Bowls