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June 15 - meeting cancelled, due to Covid-19 restrictions.


May 18 - Graeme Disney, Sandringham Yacht Club historian. 

Graeme is a long-term local identity, with many tales to tell, but on this occasion he told us about the history and activities of his beloved Sandringham Yacht Club, the kind hosts of our Club meetings. 


April 2021 - Sabine Ostrowski - MDA Foundation

Sabine gave us an engaging and informative presentation on that all-too-common affliction of the ageing, macular degeneration. 


March 2021 - No speaker, due to AGM being conducted.


April 2020 - February 2021 - No meetings or speakers, due to Covid-19 restrictions


March 2020 - No speaker, due to AGM being conducted.


February 2020 - Carolyn Brown OAM, President, Friends of Black Rock House

Carolyn shared with us the fascinating history and ongoing activities of our local cultural icon, Black Rock House.


November 2019 - Craig Whiteford, General Manager Threatened Species, Wildlife Conservation and Science, at Zoos Victoria

Craig, who has had a distinguished career in managing biodiversity, water and natural resources before joining Zoos Victoria in his present role, gave us a fascinating presentation about Zoos Victoria's plans and actions around conservation and fighting extinction.


October 2019 - Jacqueline LeSage, member of our Sandy Bay club.

Jacqueline, who has a CV bursting with fascinating global assignments, talked about a cultural icon of her native France -  the Tour de France. Her talk, entitled "Discover Le Tour de France as a French monument." was a fascinating insight into the history of the tour and its place in French cultural "branding".


September 2019 - Ambre Hammond - concert pianist and composer.

Ambre is celebrated for her "Girl, Piano, Truck" mission, taking music to disadvantaged communities in all parts of the world. She told a fascinating story of her journey from "child prodigy" to her full musical calendar of today.  


August 2019 - Lynsey Poore - Royal Botanic Gardens gave us a richly-illustrated presentation about the past, present and future of the RBG, in her presentation "Beyond the Garden Gate".   


July 2019 - Donald Forsdyke - Port of Melbourne gave us a fact-filled insight into the hive of activity and huge volumes of goods and materials that flow through our busy port.  


June 2019 - Andrew Simpson -Maurice Blackburn Lawyers brought us the latest information on making wills, powers of attorney, and advance care directives. He presented an entertaining and informative talk on a complex and important topic for us all. 


May 2019 - Carolyn Pethick gave us a gripping and thought-provoking talk about her story as a police-woman who served 30 years with Victoria Police, and her book "To Hell and Back".  


April 2019 - Paul Maple, from the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance

Paul is a passionate advocate for the Shrine as a place of remembrance for the people who gave so much for their country. His talk and pictures inspired many members to plan to re-visit and re-discover this important part of our history. 


 March 2019 - no guest speaker, due to AGM


February 2019 - Anne Forwood, from Search and Rescue Dogs Australia (with her Operational Disaster Search Dog BB!)

Anne and BeeBee are partners in a select team of disaster search dog/handler specialists. They are highly trained and able to work anywhere in the world in such dangerous venues as earthquake zones and collapsed buildings. A fascinating insight into a world outside most of our experience.


November 2018 - Annette Allison from Royal Flying Doctor Service

In the 90th anniversary year of the RFDS, Marketing Manager Annette Allison gave a polished and fascinating presentation of the history and wide-ranging activities of this most Australian of organisations.   


October 2018 - Paul Thomas from Melbourne Metro Rail Authority  

Paul is a global expert on tunnelling for underground rail, and showed a wealth of information on current and planned rail tunnels in Melbourne. 


September 2018 - Det. Sgt. Michael Ferwerda from Victoria Police, Crime Command, Clandestine Laboratory Squad  

Michael gave a gripping insight into the world of policing the illicit drug trade.


August 2018: Robert Anderson, Golden Days Radio

A bright and entertaining presentation by an old hand at the radio game.


July 2018: Heather Sheard

Heather told us about the fascinating history of women Doctors in World War 1, and the challenges they faced in being accepted at the front lines of battle. 


June 2018: Russell James   

Local History Bayside: The Odd, Little Known and Unusual. Russell had a wealth of stories behind some of the locations, names and infamous past residents of our local area.      


May 2018: Keith Bulfin       

The War on Money. Keith Bulfin is an Australian author based in Melbourne.  The former investment banker turned undercover DEA Agent, has written a novel based on his fascinating life working undercover. This was a gripping tale!    


April 2018: Colin Watson, Victoria Police Air Wing Auxiliary  

Colin gave an informative talk about his days with the Police Air Wing, and the ever-changing landscape of different government departments’ oversight, and the ongoing changes in technology and aircraft.


March 2018: No speaker (AGM)


February 2018: Rob "Smoky"Dawson, Puffing Billy tourist railway

Rob drew on his encyclopaedic knowledge of historic trains and tracks, and gave us a taste of what to expect on our March outing on the famous train.  


November 2017: Greg Wragg OAM

Greg gave a very interesting talk about his interest and involvement in Fiji [which he has visited 83 times since 1979] and the philanthropic work he is engaged in, particularly in remote Fijian communities. 


October 2017: No speaker


September 2017Alison Wright, from RACV Lifestyle.

Alison talked about personal safety and home emergencies, including falls, plus security for vehicles and homes.  


August 2017

Mary Murphy - Honorary Archivist for Her Majesty's Theatre

Mary gave a fascinating talk about the colourful history of Her Majesty's, and showed a film made by Mike Walsh to celebrate the theatre's 125th birthday in 2011.


July 2017

Belinda Collins - Author and Speaker

Belinda co-wrote Warrior Princess with Princess Kasune Zulu of Zambia, an MP and activist for tackling the AIDS / HIV pandemic in Africa. She told a moving story of Princess's work and their cooperation in advocating for change in this field.


June 2017

Don Cullen - Director, Tibetan Village Project Australia Inc.

Don's inspirational talk told of his experiences working with the poor of Tibet to provide schools, orphanages, medical clinics and other basic necessities of life.


May 2017

Rachel Lane - Principal, Aged Care Gurus

Rachel gave a very informative talk about the options, obligations and pitfalls of aged care accommodation and finances.


April 2017

John Deeks - Radio and Television Veteran

John gave an entertaining account of his life in the media, with many anecdotes from his 40 years in the business.