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Our Activities

Guest Speakers

A major component of the Club’s monthly meeting is the presentation by a Guest Speaker. In recent years, our Guest Speakers’ offerings have included talks about:

  • Beekeeping

  • St Helena Colonial Prison

  • The Dardanelles Campaign

  • Australian Heroines of WW1

  • Queensland Institute of Medical Research

  • Generation X and Y

  • Acupuncture and Chinese Herbalism

  • Child Slavery and Destiny

  • Rescue An Artist’s Illustrated Talk

  • The History of Hanworth House

  • Author Hugh Lunn

  • ABC Weather stalwart, Jenny Woodward

  • African Jungle Experiences

  • The Missing Persons Unit

  • Threats to the Barrier Reef

  • Recycling Electronic Waste…

  • Hep C Kombi Clinic, Dr Matt Young

  • Rosie May Foundation