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Guest Speakers

We have a Guest Speaker at almost all of our General Meetings. This involves a 1-hour presentation, usually including on-screen overheads. Our choice of speakers is designed to educate, provide advice, and stimulate the mind.


Recent speakers and their topic include:

Trevor Jones, "Israel - Faith, Fate and Falafel"

Ambre Hammond, "An Unorthodox Life in Music"

Barry Gomm, "Ginger Meggs"

Mary Harnan, "Home Sorting"

Dr Kevin Moriarty, "Experiences of a Zoo Anaesthetist"

Cenarth Fox, "The Cassocked Savage - Patrick Bronte"

Dr Sandra Close, "The Gold Industry"

Coming Up

1st May 2019: Vicky Mustafa—Women in the Middle East

5th June 2019: Ruth Ellis