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Our club has a monthly game of pétanque at Otto's Grotto in Ulverstone.  

In February we had 7 members participating, 2 ladies & 5 men.   The ladies invited Eric to become a lady for the afternoon, a role that he accepted with alacrity.   The ladies then played with an extra set of boules to make even teams.   The honours were again equally divided with the ladies winning the first game 9 - 7 & the men winning the second 9 - 8.  We were delighted to have 2 prospective members join us for the afternoon.

Our next date will be Monday 8th March, 2pm at Otto's Grotto in Ulverstone.

No level of skill is required.  We navigate around the rabbit holes & have a lot of fun, finishing with a cuppa at the end of the games.