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After formation our clubs first meeting was on the 2nd July 1998.  Forty-one persons attended the first meeting of the Albany Creek Probus Club which was held on 2 July 1998 at the Aspley Bowls Club.  (Subsequently the Club has met at Chermside Bowls Club, And currently at the Hornets Club

Twelve apologies and four visitors were recorded in the attendance book. 

This makes a total of fifty seven persons and it is significant that in the first Bulletin of the Club – 1/98 of 6 August 1998 - fifty seven names were listed as members as follows: Edward and Patricia Baker, Marjorie Cunningham, Norton and Rita Davis, Ron Day, Harold and Irene Debnam, John and Patricia Donovan, Shirley Ducat, John and Kay Duncan, Allan and Joyce Emslie, William and Marjorie Farley, Murray and Eileen Feltham, Kevin and Clare Foxwell, John and Greta Graham, John and Gail Gyzemyter, Betty Hampson, Betty May Knox, William and Valerie Maxwell, Donald and Clare McDermott, Jack and Dorothy McInstosh, Philip and Muriel Morcom, Maria Nicolosi, Joyce Nightingale, Eric and Janet Noble, Alex and Joan Pentecost, Heather Pepper, Jack and Elizabeth Robbins, Lillian Schloss, Ron and Joan Shelvey, Anthony and Dawn Siggs, Allen and Joyce Spilsbury, Ken and Valmai Tritton, Alan and Fran Warman and Lionel and Margaret White.