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September 2018— Karen Stewart-Smith. The range of services offered by Burnie Bray


October2018—John Gray. You Will Never Believe a Photograph Again


November 2018— Kevin Humphreys. Mates for Mates


December 2019– Noel Stallard. Bush Poet 


February, 2019 - Senior Constable Megan Dwyer District Crime Prevention. “R U in Control


April 2019—James Lergessner. “Ageing, Feeling Invisible and Is 70 the New 50”?


May-2019 ---Bryan Isles talking about his experiences in China.


June 2019— Russell Twomey. True stories of the final days of the 8 most notorious shipwrecks off the east coast of Australia.


August 2019--- Mocco Wollert. A talk about her life in Australia after landing in Darwin with her German fiancé,


September 2019--- Mary Van Hummel. Speaking about her life’s experienc-es and her South African father’s war-time diary and how it was found after being lost for many years


October 2019--- Graham Clarke. “The Streets and Bridges of early Bris-bane and how they came to be named”.

November 2019-- Everald Compton. “Changing the Australian Constitution 


December 2019Christmas Entertainment provided by James Legersner and “Boom Baby”.


February 2020--- Caylie Jeffery. She will be talking about her book “Under the Lino.”