About Probus Travel Insurance

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Probus South Pacific Limited is the policyholder of the Probus Travel Insurance policy which has been designed exclusively for the Probus Club members and their guests with competitive rates and coverage for pre-existing conditions1.

Cover is available for travellers up to 100 years old and up to 120 days of travel.

This policy is underwritten by Ace Insurance Ltd and is only available to Probus Club Members and their accompanying guest, accessing this policy is easy, simply complete the application form and submit it to our office with your fit to travel report from your doctor along with your payment.

The access fee payable for the Probus Travel Insurance will depend on your age, where you are going and how long you are going for. 

Please follow the steps below to determine the access fee payable. 


  1. Look up the Probus_Travel_Insurance_Access_Fees_210214.pdf
  2. From the access fees select the table that applies to you. There are four tables i.e Domestic travel within Australia or New Zealand, Trans Tasman which is travel between Australia and New Zealand only or Worldwide travel either excluding the Americas and Africa or including the Americas and Africa.
  3. Select your current age from the first column titled 'Age', note that this is your current age and not the age when you will be travelling.
  4. Select the number of days that you will be travelling, please note that your trip starts when you leave your residential address and ends when you return to your residential address.

Alternatively, you  can  obtain a quote by contacting us on 1300 630 488 within Australia or 0800 1477 6287 from New Zealand

Please read the PROBUS_TRAVEL_INSURANCE_-Important_Information_Booklet.pdf to determine if this coverage meets your needs.

If you wish to apply for Probus Travel Insurance, simply download the PROBUS_TRAVEL_INSURANCE_-_Application_Form.pdf and  Doctor_fit_to_travel_form.pdf and contact our office for a quote.

Please note that Probus South Pacific Limited does not hold an Australian Financial Services Dealers Licence and cannot provide any recommendation or advice regarding cover.

1Terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. Please refer to the PROBUS_MASTER_POLICY_-_FINAL_12122013.pdf for full coverage terms available. 

To view more information regarding Probus Travel insurance please refer to the Probus Travel Insurance Fact Sheet.




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